Daniel R Woodward

Daniel R Woodward

Daniel R Woodward

Facebook: Bullying and Scammers

June 7, 2013, by Daniel R Woodward, category Ideas


Recently there has been a huge rash of fake social media accounts regarding Christian organizations and ministers. At Daystar, we are currently experiencing several fake facebook accounts for Marcus Lamb.

This is our real account (go like this to help our cause):

These are several fake ones – here are the worst currently (please take time to report these as fake accounts):

Reporting Facebook Bullying

According to Facebook, they are very concerned with fake accounts, bullying and impostors and they give you this “great” tool report the fake accounts but then they just ignore it.


Facebook Impostors Can Simply Block You

Additionally this is a bit of failed logic because the the account can simply block you, making it impossible to submit a report (notice how you can see it if you click the link above, but then we the victims cannot)….


Some of these imposter pages have actually sent links with viruses to people that think this is legimately us as well as solicited donations to their fake version of our charity. So someone that was trying to support our home in Israel for Holocaust survivors instead may be lining the pockets of thieves.

Help Stop Facebook Bullying

Please spread the word, report fake accounts when you see them, and report this article. Tell Facebook this is unacceptable.

Email Facebook them at all of these accounts: